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Success Martial Arts - KIDS
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Prime Benefits for Children

Rewards and positive re-enforcement build self-respect and motivation.
“I have noticed such a change in Mason in the last three weeks. He has been so much happier. He is calm, agreeable, and has a smile on his face most of the time. I am making the assumption that his martial arts have contributed to his happier attitude.”
Rene Hasbargen, Lincoln Elementary

Structure teaches, models, and instills discipline.
“I am aware of the importance of both physical fitness and discipline. So when my 9 year old daughter said she wanted to take classes at Success Martial Arts, I hoped for the best. She is still taking classes a year and a half later.”
Russell Hoffman, Jackpot Public School

Drills and games give kids an appropriate place for extra energy and aggression.
“Our boys have been members of Success Martial Arts for over five years. We started them to see if it would help our four year old with his temper and our six year old with his whining and complaining. I really have to say that even as young as they were we can really see a difference. Even the lady who cuts their hair asked what we were doing with them because they were actually sitting still.”
Lauren + Allen Peters

Intangibles training teaches kids about courage and assertiveness and Training teaches life-long , real world personal safety skills.
“I want my girls to be able to take care of themselves when I can't be there to help them. I know they are learning their lessons well. This past week, at a basketball camp, a boy got mad at my daughter and pushed her. I asked her what she did, and she stated, "Nothing. I can only use my training to defend myself." I have no doubt that the boy would have been in for a severe shock had he tried to pursue the issue!”
Russell Hoffman, Jackpot Public School

To help you take new actions to improve the results you are getting in your life, and in the lives of your family! There is no other activity in Twin Falls that offers such a complete experience; from the physically fit to the physically challenged, everyone in Twin Falls can take advantage.

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