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Success Martial Arts - KIDS


-"Dangerous Grown-Ups"
-How to deal with Bullies
-Self-Control Focus
-Balance Success Challenges
-Social Skills

Dear Responsible Parents,

I don’t blame you. You’re thinking, “Come on …how can martial arts teach wholesome values - and, success skills?” Well, I’m here to tell you, in more ways than you can begin to imagine.

My name is Brian Higgins. I’m the owner of one of the most effective martial arts schools in America, “Success Martial Arts” here in Twin Falls. For over 17 years , I’ve been nurturing children like yours with character building tools found only in Martial Arts. No other activity can match them. In the next few pages, I’m going to tell you how you and your child can experience all of this, and more. Watch as your child increases in confidence, energy and discipline. Stand and be dazzled as he becomes unstoppable in his quest for…

Greater academic achievement.
Unshakable self confidence.
Increased strength and fitness, in both body and mind.

And all of it comes while having fun; learning how to “kick, move, and punch”. Look at it this way. Your child’s first and biggest challenge comes not from “fighting for his rights on the street,” or “beating up the neighborhood bully.” It comes, instead, from battling more sinister forces.

Your child’s own fears and self doubts:

“I’m not as smart as John.”

“I don’t get what my teacher is saying.”

“I wish I was as [strong or pretty or smart] as Sally.”

“Why does Jim keep giving me a bad time?”

“Why can’t I be as popular as Jill?”

The question is, how do you get your child to fight these demons? You know the problem. Your child has a tough time even telling you she’s haunted by them. Never mind how she might conquer them.

Well, the good news is, I have a proven solution. A program that has already worked for hundreds of children. To repeat, Martial Arts are less about your child learning to fight others, and more about fighting…himself. His innermost fears. Conquer them, and your child unleashes within himself a powerful, unstoppable force. A force that gives him the strength to kick down the doors of his own self doubts, A force that opens your child to the exalting power of character.

In other words, when your child uses the discipline of martial arts to conquer fears, he has power to transfer that discipline to all other areas of his life. I know of no other activity that does this better than Martial Arts . (I should know. I’ve been involved for over 30 years.)

But don’t take my word for it…

As a Physical Education Teacher and Coach, I am aware of the importance of both physical fitness and discipline. So when my 9 year old daughter said she wanted to take classes at Success Martial Arts, I hoped for the best. She is still taking classes a year and a half later. My seven year old is also taking classes now and has been in the program for over a year. As a teacher, I have seen too many students beaten up in lopsided fights. I don't want to see the trauma these kids suffer happen to my daughters, and I believe that Success Martial Arts is giving them a "fighting chance". I am also aware of what date-rape can do to girls physically and emotionally, so I want my girls to be able to take care of themselves when I can't be there to help them. To conclude, I would say that my daughters have benefitted from their lessons and still enthusiastically attend. I encourage them at every opportunity, and I know they are learning their lessons well. This past week, at a basketball camp, a boy got mad at my daughter and pushed her. I asked her what she did, and she stated, "Nothing. I can only use my training to defend myself." I have no doubt that the boy would have been in for a severe shock had he tried to pursue the issue!


Russell Hoffman

“I laughed when I heard that Success Martial Arts would teach my child
discipline, confidence, and self respect…

But, now - she’s a “Straight ‘A’ Student,” Confident, and, Respectful!

Now, you may be asking, how does all this “character” stuff work? And why does martial arts manage to do a better job teaching it? Again, more than any other activity, martial arts gives your child the chance to explore her innate powers. She’ll marvel (as you will) as she increases in strength, flexibility endurance, balance, and peace of mind. Yet this is only the start. In fact, her physical skills act as a foundation for something much more important: the development of her character, mental and social; And not cut off from her physical skills, but intimately connected - even bonded-to them.

Courage: Your child finds the courage to move outside of his comfort zone. He wills himself to take on more difficult moves and skills. He becomes no longer afraid of being afraid. As he does so, he learns that whatever he sows, so he reaps. He learns to blame no one, but himself. He suddenly sees his life as a constant, never-ending journey of life-giving improvement. In short, with a deep breath, he refuses to become a victim of fate. He puts an arm lock on his own destiny.

Staying power: Your child finds joy in improving her physical stamina. She can walk farther, run longer, practice skills until she gets them right. In turn, she learns not to give up. She sticks things out. With the help of her teachers, she strives harder, longer to reach her goals. Even if she fails she perseveres. She won’t let her self doubts get in the way of finding ultimate solutions. As the man said, “Where performance is measured, performance improves.” Yet, your child has to first accept where he stands now. That means measuring current strengths. Above all, he learns that to succeed, he can’t fool anyone, especially himself. This results in a keener focus. He learns to make eye contact with his teacher (and not just in martial arts.) He pays greater attention to what each teacher says. He knows and accepts where he stands.

These are just two of the powerful, energizing values your child will from our program. In short, you can look forward to your child developing:

Powerful Self Control:She’ll refuse to give in to negative peer pressure. She’ll have deeper respect for rules.

Improved Focus: She’ll learn what’s needed, along with the skill to “zero in” on critical tasks at hand. Normal, yet time-wasting, childhood distractions won’t get in her way.

Fearless Self Confidence:Watch as your child finds the courage to open any door life has to offer.

Still, you’re wondering if this will work for your child. I understand. So let me tell you an old martial arts story that illustrates our perspective on conflict.

The residents of a small village rushed from their homes at the sound of vulgar shouts and screaming. A warrior had returned home from battle, drunk and depressed he had chased his wife and children from their home and was threatening them with his sword. The woman clutching her children trying to keep them from harm. The warrior towering over them. . . several of the men of the village approached the drunken man and tried to subdue him. They were no match for his battle hardened skills. Then an older man ,an expert warrior in his own right, quietly left his home and headed toward the frightening scene. He calmly walked toward the sword wielding madman. Some bystanders warned him of the danger. He proceeded anyway. The drunk turned toward the older man and began to threaten with the weapon. The expert warrior did not flinch. He made eye contact with the drunk and asked why he was doing this. He reminded the drunk of his family that loved him. He related that he too had been hurt by war and that to bring the battle home is foolish. In short he treated the drunk with respect and concern. The drunk began to sob; about friends who had died in battle, about missing his family, about his own father acting poorly. The expert warrior returned the man to his frightened wife and children; reminding them that their father and husband needed their help and support. Was the old man a lucky fool? No, if the necessary he could have stopped the drunk physically, but he saw through the surface of anger and violence to the core of fear and pain. He was able to help this family because his martial arts skills allowed him to deal with the drunk with less fear and more understanding.

So what’s this have to do with your child? Ask Yourself, “What did the old man have that the young men didn’t?” For me it has to do with peace. The more confidence a person has in himself, the less need he has to fight with himself. He’s at peace with who he is.

At Success Martial Arts we have been pleased to find a program that teaches the same things we teach at home: honesty, personal responsibility and respect for others. Our son also receives physical training that is age appropriate with a real sense of fun. The motivation to move to the next belt has kept him interested and eagerly willing to take on the next challenge. We have been very pleased with how the program ties in with school and family life. In the beginning we were very concerned about "Karate" having seen children with just enough knowledge to be dangerous. Today we can say that the programs at Success Martial Arts are so much more than what we expected. Our son is blossoming and we are looking forward to a long and fruitful association with Coach Higgins and his school. We came to Success Martial Arts based on the recommendation of a friend. We are glad they did and would certainly recommend the school to anyone else.

Brian and Karen Crider (Elementary teacher)

Whatever you do, I urge you to call today.

“Success Martial Arts is the best thing you can do for your child !”
Thank you for your time and consideration.
I hope to meet you and your family at my school.

With greatest concern for all our families,

Brian Higgins
Senior Instructor
Success Martial Arts

As a single mom, I really enjoy the fact that he reiterates a lot of the things that I try and teach at home, the discipline and life skills that he teaches, and the things that he does in his daily life. I think the how to deal with bullies is great, especially in today’s world, there’s so many people that seem to think that’s a cool thing to do. And a lot of kids don’t know how to handle that. It’s great that they have some exposure to that and learn how to diffuse situations that they get into. As a single mom, it’s really nice for me to have that reinforcement for what I try to do. And in two years, Kade’s still excited about going. He’s the one that remembers about class and is excited to come every time.
-Kelly Lindback

P.S. All this talk of values may have mislead you. Be assured, I do teach Martial Arts as everyone likes to think of it. Your child will know how to protect herself decisively when necessary. True Martial Artists learn to face their fear and overcome it through realistic effective training. She’ll know how to avoid danger, how to use non-violent conflict resolution techniques as a first choice, making educated decisions based on education and confidence and not poor ones based in fear.

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