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Success Martial Arts - FAMILY
It really makes my work worthwhile to know how much the benefits that we provide are appreciated. Benefits like:

  -Improved Discipline and Self-Control to excel at all we attempt
  -Greater Confidence and Self-Esteem to have the courage to make the attempt.
  -Stronger Character and Success Skills to be the best each and every one of us can be.
  -Better “People Skills” to enrich our relationships with family and friends... without which the rest is empty.

Now I know that you know all of this already; that’s why you’re involved in the first place, right? Here’s my question: Why in the world would you provide this huge opportunity to one member of your family and not the others? Does it make sense to imply to our children “Do as I say and not as I do.” when we’re not participating? ( You’ll enjoy the fun, social and fitness benefits, while you role model for your children)

Bottom line: You get a better value for your money with our family discounts, you increase the value of your investment by making it a cooperative family project; multiplying benefits exponentially and synergistically!! It only makes sense to get your whole family up off of the couch and participating in this positive experience together.

P.S. Don’t let being “busy” or “lazy” or just plain procrastination deprive your family any longer! You do want the best for your family and yourself ... don’t you? And you do want the very most value for every penney you spend...don’t you? And if you were ever going to take advantage of all these benefits when do you suppose the best time would be? You got it ... empower your whole family right away!!

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