More than 5.7 million American children (almost 30%) are estimated to be a bully, a target of bullying or both. Although many adults may consider bullying a traditional part of a youth’s life experience, it may also be one of the precursors for the gun-based crimes perpetuated by youth during the high school years. Bullying over relatively petty issues becomes a rationale for revenge or extreme intolerance that festers from the elementary years through high school.

What we are offering is a complete rounded approach to the issue of bully-ing. The ultimate goal is for every child to have the tools they need to attend school in both emotional and physical safety and with confidence. Children must have the ability to keep themselves out of harms way by learning how to avoid confrontations first and the martial arts techniques to fend off bullies when those confrontations become physical always as a last resort.

Anti-bullying instruction also contributes to children’s confidence and self-esteem because they know what to do. It’s the uncertainty that causes a child to struggle within themselves.

Success Martial Arts training is not only a solution for those children more likely to be victims of bullying, but also for those children who are bullies. It may not surprise anyone that studies show that bullies are generally physically aggressive, hot-tempered, easily angered, and impulsive, with a low tolerance for frustration ... success martial arts training channels the bully’s aggressiveness and anger into healthful physical activity, discipline and a positive attitude.

Children and youth who are bullied are typically anxious, insecure, and cautious and suffer from low self-esteem, rarely defending themselves. Bullied students often have problems concentrating in school. The success martial arts curriculum addresses those issues directly with the education and tools to transform victims of bullying into smart kids who now have the fortitude not ever to be victims again.

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