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Success Martial Arts - ADULTS
Prime Benefits for Adults

1. Our workouts are the best way to get in shape
  A. How many fat boxers have you seen?
  B. Burn lots of calories , elevate your heart rate, and build muscular endurance, strength and tone.
  C. You won’t feel out of place...every one works at their own pace

2. Our practices relieve stress
  A. Your time for you
  B. Block out and forget about life for a while

3. Our training improves confidence
  A. You’ll be in shape.....looking good.....feeling good
  B You’ll know you can deal with people assertively if you have to.

4. Real world self defense
  A. Reality based, proven methods

When I first started Success Martial Arts I did not like to deal with conflict. I would choose to give in or stand quiet. I always backed down. If forced to deal with a conflict I would get nervous and try to make the event seem rational. Now I simply don’t care what they are trying to say. I just stay out of the conversation. I am also not afraid of being hit anymore. I feel that I can fight back and defend myself. I know I would be able to “beat” the attacker, and because I won’t be frozen with fear, I will have a chance to get away. therefore I would be safe.
-Gina Carney

5. FUN
  A. We have a good time
  B. Where else do you get to hit things

What You Can Expect in Your Adult Introductory Program

Class begins with a warm up and stretching. The physical part of class is determined by what “Block” we are working on that day. Our “Block” curriculum method may need a little explaining.

In elementary school everything goes in one particular order 1st grade ... 2nd grade ... etc. And that is how we teach the children ... White belts do “this” Yellow belts do “this” ... and so on.

As an adult you get to enjoy much greater variety and flexibility in the “Block” system. It’s more like college.

Everyone still has the same material required for Black Belt but it doesn’t have to be covered in any specific order. We usually cover one “Block” of skills on Monday and another “Block” on Wednesday. As soon as the material is covered we rotate the “Block” and move on to something different.

So no matter how new you may be or how high your belt rank ... the new “Block” is new... for everyone. That way everyone gets to enjoy variety and no one feels overwhelmed, or “Outclassed” by students with more experience.
   We end class with our own unique physical conditioning to get you in shape quickly. And then we cover a mature look at some area of successful living skills.     
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